What is The Spout?

In a nutshell, we help people find whales and take people out on the ocean to meet them face to face.

The primary goal of The Spout is to spread our love of whales with the general public. We achieve this by doing the following:

We’ve seen first-hand how people can become emotionally involved with the plight of whales after seeing one close up; it is an awe-inspiring moment to be in the presence of one of the great whales, and one that generally leaves you wanting more.   It is humbling to look one of these creatures eye-to-eye and realize that despite our smaller, physical size, we play a very large part in shaping their world through our every day choices.  These encounters can lead to incredibly strong bonds between man and whale.  Bonds that are not easily broken.  Once that connection is made, we hope it leads to both whale conservation and an overall appreciation and concern for our oceans.

Want to have a whale experience of your own?

We would love to help you!